April 10, 2018

Trump vows 'major decisions' on Syria after alleged toxic attack

Source: AFP

Journalist: AFP Staff

US President Donald Trump on Monday pledged "major decisions" on Syria after a suspected chemical attack on a rebel-held town, as calls grew for an international response to the crisis.

Trump condemned what he called a "heinous attack on innocent" Syrians in Douma, as he opened a cabinet meeting at the White House, adding that decisions would come in the "next 24-48 hours."

"This is about humanity -- it can't be allowed to happen," he said.

The Syrian regime and it ally Russia have rejected claims of an attack, with Moscow arguing against jumping to any "dangerous" conclusions.

Trump -- who last year launched a missile strike on a regime base after another alleged chemical attack -- warned Sunday that there would be a "big price to pay".

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said that Washington does not "rule out anything", while Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron vowed a "strong, joint response".

The crisis was due to be discussed later Monday at an urgent UN Security Council meeting, with the US circulating a draft resolution for a new independent inquiry of chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

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