February 26, 2019

Turkey continues to face scrutiny over Afrin's olive oil

Source: Kurdistan 24

Journalist: Wladimir Van Wilgenburg

More reports have emerged accusing Turkey of selling olive oil it took from Afrin to European countries despite the Turkish-backed Afrin council denying any wrongdoing.

Nasir Husso, the head of the Turkish-backed Afrin’s Chamber of Industry and Trade, claimed Afrin’s olives was not stolen and sold to Turkish traders according to world prices, Anadolu Agency reported.

Turkish Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalinhas also claimed Ankara upholds its respect for the property of Syrian Kurds, especially after its occupation of Afrin in March 2018.

However, Çeleng Omer, a former university lecturer from Afrin, said Turkish-backed groups andsettlers had stolen the olive crops which belonged to displaced people from Afrin.

According to Omer, the olive crops were seized “on the pretext that they [displaced persons] left. He added that the relatives of these displaced persons were prevented from approaching the crops and harvesting olives.

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