June 16, 2023

U.S. Grapples With Potential Threats From Chinese AI

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Journalists: Andrew Duehren, Ryan Tracy

Any policy banning investment such as Qualcomm’s would be challenging to articulate and enforce. Simply examining the code of a given AI system wouldn’t necessarily reveal its capabilities, since the systems can be rapidly trained on fresh data to accomplish new tasks. Advanced AI systems can also involve extraordinarily complex computing processes that yield unexpected results, making it hard to place limits on their output.

“These systems are just really hard to make reliably safe. They’re essentially black boxes,” said Tim Fist, a fellow at the Center for a New American Security.

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  • Tim Fist

    Senior Adjunct Fellow, Technology and National Security Program

    Tim Fist is a Senior Adjunct Fellow with the Technology and National Security Program at CNAS. His work focuses on the governance of artificial intelligence using compute/comp...