October 22, 2020

UK Conservatives ponder global trade reboot

Source: POLITICO Europe

Journalist: Emilio Casalicchio

Post-Brexit Britain must soon decide how active to be in shaping global trade — and it won't be short of advice about how to embrace its new role outside the European Union.

Beyond rhetoric about support for a "rules-based" trade system and the virtues of being a "free-trading nation," the U.K. government is yet to show its hand in a meaningful way.

Most agree something should be done to reset the floundering ship of global trade. U.S. President Donald Trump's combative approach and imposition of tariffs, both on allies and adversaries, has reduced confidence in the former beacon nation for free trade. The World Trade Organization is in the doldrums with its dispute body strangled by the Trump regime and amid accusations it has failed to crack down on unfair trading practices from China.

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