November 03, 2022

Ukrainian Suicide Drone Boats Packed with Bombs Are Threatening Russia’s Once Feared Black Sea Fleet, and It May Not Be Able to Stop Them

Source: Business Insider

Journalist: Charles R. Davis

Stacie Pettyjohn, a senior fellow and director of the Defense Program at the Center for a New American Security, said Ukraine has already shown with its Sevastopol attack that it can threaten Russia's navy despite losing most of its own naval assets when Russia took Crimea.

"It was really impressive from the perspective of the fact that the Ukrainians coordinated with these seven unmanned surface vehicles and, at the same time, had unmanned aerial vehicles attacking the base and the port simultaneously, which shows a good degree of coordination and discipline," Pettyjohn told Insider.

Russian commanders, from here on out, might now "limit what parts of the Black Sea that they're patrolling," she noted, forcing Moscow to rely more on its dwindling supply of long-range cruise missiles to strike at targets in Ukraine.

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  • Stacie Pettyjohn

    Senior Fellow and Director, Defense Program

    Stacie Pettyjohn is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Defense Program at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). Her areas of expertise include defense strategy, post...