June 30, 2019

US keeps imposing sanctions, but how well do they work?

Source: CNN

Journalist: Zachary B. Wolf

Imposing sanctions has become the Trump administration's go-to move to signal to the country and the world that it's doing something about a problem.

After President Donald Trump said he had called off a military strike on Iran shortly before it was to begin, he followed up by imposing new sanctions. This comes on top of the Obama-era sanctions he reimposed on Iran after pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement.

Iran's ambassador to the UN described the US actions as "economic war and terrorism against the Iranian people."

The sanctions are barely felt in the US, but their effect on Iran -- barring US companies from doing business there and prohibiting access to the US banking system -- has contributed to a crippling economic situation.

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  • Elizabeth Rosenberg

    Former Senior Fellow and Director, Energy, Economics and Security Program

    Elizabeth Rosenberg is a former Senior Fellow and Director of the Energy, Economics, and Security Program at the Center for a New American Security. In this capacity, she publ...