April 21, 2014

US Navy’s LCS Is Unfit for the Asia-Pacific

Source: The Diplomat

Journalist: Zachary Keck

The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is unfit for the Pacific theater, according to a congressional watchdog group.

Last week, Bloomberg news reported that a U.S. Government Accountability Office report has concluded the LCS would be unsuitable for the U.S. Pacific fleet. “Several 7th Fleet officials told us they thought the LCS in general might be better suited to operations” in the Persian Gulf, the report said, according toBloomberg.

Bloomberg went on to summarize the GAO report as saying that the vessels may lack the necessary “speed, range and electronic-warfare capabilities” to operate in the expansive Pacific, although the LCS would still be fit for use in the much smaller Persian Gulf.

Bloomberg said the report was 56 pages and labeled “for official use only.”

Please visit the Diplomat for the full article. 


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