January 27, 2023

U.S. Targets Chinese Company in Broader Russia Sanctions Push

Source: Bloomberg

Journalists: Daniel Flatley, Iain Marlow

Officials are still trying to gauge how China might respond to evidence of Chinese companies aiding the Russian war effort, said Jacob Stokes, a former Obama administration foreign policy adviser. “Apparent violations by Chinese companies raise the question of whether China is intentionally trying to test the limits of America’s policy, or whether Beijing simply lacks the capacity to police Chinese firms across a range of industries,” said Stokes, a senior fellow focused on US-China relations at the Center for a New American Security.

The sanctions were part of a broader package announced Thursday against Wagner, as well as on individuals and entities in Russia’s defense sector. As it promised last week, the Biden administration formally designated Wagner a transnational criminal organization as it looks to blunt the group’s operations beyond Ukraine.

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  • Jacob Stokes

    Senior Fellow, Indo-Pacific Security Program

    Jacob Stokes is a Senior Fellow for the Indo-Pacific Security Program at CNAS, where his work focuses on U.S.-China relations, Chinese foreign and military policy, East Asian ...