December 14, 2016

Veterans Groups Urge Donald Trump to Keep Current VA Secretary

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Journalist: Ben Kesling

Several national veterans advocacy organizations are urging Donald Trump to reappoint Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald, while, separately, the six most prominent groups sent a letter Tuesday seeking a face-to-face meeting with the president-elect to discuss the future of veterans programs.

The VA post is one of last cabinet positions still open in the incoming administration, and veterans groups are watching anxiously for signs of Mr. Trump’s policies on veterans affairs, concerned about the prospect of proposals mentioned on the campaign trail that they say may mark the beginning of a process to privatize veterans’ medical care.

Mr. Trump, who frequently criticized the department on the campaign trail, hasn’t signaled who he is considering for the job. Veterans groups met last week with transition officials in a closed-door session in which representatives from two groups voiced support for keeping Mr. McDonald in his position, citing his reform efforts and the need for continuity, according to representatives from those groups.

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