February 02, 2023

White House Optimistic on Tech Sharing for AUKUS Security Pact

Source: Financial Times

Journalists: Demetri Sevastopulo, Gideon Rachman, Sylvia Pfeifer, Nic Fildes

Becca Wasser, a defence expert at the CNAS think-tank, said there was a push to make progress on the tech transfer issue but cautioned that wholesale reform of Itar would be hard.

“Limited exemptions for Australia and the UK may be the best the White House can do, but that requires Congress to get on board,” said Wasser. “While Jake Sullivan’s optimism is a positive indication about where things may be going, it is unlikely to happen tomorrow so London and Canberra might want to hold their horses — or at least their submarines.”

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  • Becca Wasser

    Senior Fellow, Defense Program

    Becca Wasser is a Senior Fellow for the Defense Program and lead of The Gaming Lab at CNAS. Her research areas include defense strategy, force design, strategic and operationa...