August 26, 2022

Why Crimea matters: Ukrainian attacks are frightening Russian tourists and forcing Russia’s army to change tactics

Featuring Samuel Bendett

Source: Grid News

Journalist Joshua Keating

The Ukrainians’ ability to strike inside Crimea, however they’re doing it, is likely forcing the Russians to draw troops away from front lines elsewhere in the conflict. "When the drone is flying to your position, there is no option but to interdict it, unless you know for sure it's a friendly," Sam Bendett, an adjunct senior fellow who studies drone warfare at the Center for a New American Security, told Grid. "So that's what the Russians are doing — they're trying to shoot down everything perceived as an unfriendly aerial system, and in the meantime, they're actually exposing where some of their strongest points are."

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  • Samuel Bendett

    Adjunct Senior Fellow, Technology and National Security Program

    Samuel Bendett is an Adviser with CNA Strategy, Policy, Plans and Programs Center (SP3), where he is a member of the Russia Studies Program. His work involves research on the ...