August 06, 2019

With North Korea talks bogged down, Trump faces a cascade of new crises in East Asia

Source: The Washington Post

Journalist: David Nakamura

President Trump has sought to address two in­trac­table challenges in East Asia — North Korea’s nuclear weapons and China’s predatory trade policies — but 2½ years into his presidency, he is facing deepening turbulence in the region.

North Korea has resumed short-range missile tests, conducting four launches over the past two weeks, while the Trump administration’s trade war with China escalated this week from a tariff fight to a broader dispute over currency, spooking financial markets.

At the same time, two major U.S. allies, Japan and South Korea, who Trump has tried to unify to confront Beijing and Pyongyang, have been riven over a bitter trade dispute of their own rooted in historical grievances — a row that Trump has been unable, and more recently unwilling, to help mediate.

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