April 17, 2019

CNAS Project Launch: Securing Our 5G Future

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) today announced the launch of a new cross-Center project, Securing Our 5G Future.

5th Generation (5G) wireless promises to be a foundational next-generation technology that will be vital to enabling the next industrial revolution. The nation that leads in this technology could shift the global center of gravity for growth and innovation, and a secure 5G infrastructure is essential to U.S. security. The U.S. government must work collaboratively with industry and allied and partner nations to develop policy and technical solutions for secure 5G development.

“5G will be essential for smart cities, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and many other applications,” said Paul Scharre, director of the CNAS Technology and National Security Program. “Building secure 5G networks will require collaboration between government and industry and between the United States and allied nations.”

Securing Our 5G Future will explore the opportunities and challenges of 5G in a world of highly globalized and competitive innovation. This project will establish an ongoing dialogue among policymakers, technical experts, and industry leaders while undertaking multidisciplinary analysis. The project will offer actionable recommendations for how U.S. policymakers can partner with the private sector and collaborate with allied and partner nations to ensure the development of secure 5G networks.

“This kind of project showcases our ability to harness talent from across the Center for multidisciplinary work that brings together multiple research programs on an urgent policy issue,” said Ely Ratner, CNAS Executive Vice President and Director of Studies.

Securing Our 5G Future will involve the following research programs:

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For more information or to schedule an interview with the project leads, please contact Cole Stevens at cstevens@cnas.org or (202) 695-8166.


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