September 17, 2018

CNAS Welcomes Eric Brewer as Visiting Fellow 

Washington, September 17 -- The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) is pleased to welcome Eric Brewer to CNAS as a Visiting Fellow participating in the 2018-2019 International Affairs Fellowship program sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Prior to joining CNAS, Brewer served as the Director for Counterproliferation at the National Security Council (NSC). In this capacity, he was responsible for coordinating U.S. policy to prevent and reverse the spread of nuclear weapons, delivery systems, and related technologies.

“Brewer’s extensive experience on nuclear proliferation issues, including his work on North Korea while at the NSC, and on Iran while in the Intelligence Community, are important additions to ongoing CNAS research,” said CNAS President Richard Fontaine. “His work will touch several of our current programs and will help inform our recommendations to policymakers regarding current and potential future nuclear powers. We’re pleased to have him here as part of the CNAS team.”

While at CNAS Brewer will continue to focus on nuclear proliferation with an emphasis on research related to the nuclear threats posed by Iran and North Korea.

Brewer holds an MA in Security Policy Studies from The George Washington University, an MS in Strategic Intelligence from the National Defense Intelligence College (now National Intelligence University), and a BA in International Relations from the University of San Diego.

To reach Eric Brewer or for more information on CNAS, please contact Cole Stevens at or 202-695-8166.