December 17, 2009

The U.S.-ROK Alliance in the 21st Century

By Abraham M. Denmark and Richard Fontaine

The U.S.-ROK Alliance in the 21st Century, published by the Korea Institute for National Unification in December 2009, explores the bilateral relationship between the United States and South Korea. CNAS Senior Fellow Richard Fontaine's chapter, "Coordinating North Korea Policy - An American View," examines three essential elements of coordination between the U.S. and ROK in managing the North Korean issue: diplomacy towards North Korea, management of the military component of the alliance, and the "whole of government" and "whole pf alliance" approaches necessary to meet the challenge of a potential North Korean collapse.  

Additional chapters in include "The Strategy of the Obama Administration toward Northeast Asia," by former CNAS Fellow Abraham Denmark, "Coordinating U.S.-ROK Defenses against North Korean Nuclear/Missile Threat," by Stanley Weeks, and "Needed: A Joint ROK-U.S. Strategy for Dealing with North Korea," by Ralph Cossa, among others.


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