May 16, 2024

Biden Hasn’t Abandoned Israel, He’s Learning to Speak Like an Israeli

Since October 7th, President Biden has made clear, time and again, through both word and deed, the US-Israel relationship is “iron-clad.” Ask any IDF general behind closed doors what he needs from the United States to defend Israel from Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran that he isn’t getting, and the answer is universally the same: “Klum. Nothing. We are getting everything we need, and everything we ask for.” Beginning with his rhetorical warning of “Don’t” to Iran and its proxies and partners, backed-up by his order to move a massive US military presence into the Middle East region, followed by his dogged pursuit of a defense appropriations supplemental bill with $14 billion of additional support for the defense of Israel, his unprecedented visit to Israel in a time of war, and the vetoing of multiple UN Security Council resolutions inimical to Israeli security interests – Joe Biden should have nothing left to prove to Israelis. He fundamentally believes in the Jewish state and unequivocally stands with Israel.

To Israel’s leaders, Joe Biden has learned to speak dugri.

And yet somehow, despite all he has said and done, some Israelis seem to have their doubts.

After all, how were Israelis to interpret what they saw last week? He sent the country into a panic when they woke last week to CNN clips of an irate Biden threatening to withhold weapons if the IDF invaded Rafah. What did that mean? Before Israelis had gotten their pants on, false rhetoric of “Biden’s arms embargo” had made it half-way around the world, in no small part, promulgated by some of his political opponents exploiting the chance to recast the American President in an anti-Israeli light in this “erev-election season”.

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