November 03, 2023

Biden Took the First Step With AI Commitments — Now It’s Congress’ Turn

With an executive order (EO) released on Monday, the Biden administration has taken a major first step in supporting safe and reliable artificial intelligence (AI) innovation, while tackling some of the greatest risks that the technology poses. From health care to civil rights to national security, this mandate presents a sweeping and comprehensive framework for tackling AI risks, and one which Congress must take up in the coming months as we seek to protect Americans while pursuing global technical leadership.

One of the keys to tackling these risks is developing advanced methods to train effective AI systems while maintaining Americans’ privacy.

While many in Washington (including myself), have sought to frame the AI risk debate as a give-and-take between managing long- and near-term risks, the EO aims to address both simultaneously, with restrictions and reporting requirements for large language models (LLMs) like Chat GPT-4 and new, sector-specific restrictions that will tackle smaller AI systems.

Read the full article from The Messenger.

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