June 13, 2023

Every Country Is on Its Own on AI

Many artificial intelligence industry leaders see themselves as this century’s nuclear scientists—wielding a revolutionary new technology so powerful that it could threaten to wipe out humanity itself. Some, including the chiefs of industry front-runner OpenAI, are now pinning their hopes of averting such an AI cataclysm on establishing global AI governance structures styled after the nuclear arms controls that emerged from the Cold War.

But establishing such an institution quickly enough to match AI’s accelerating progress is likely a pipe dream, given the history of nuclear arms controls and their status today.

In concept, that could be a very welcome development to help mitigate the wide range of serious risks already presented by AI, let alone the catastrophic scenarios that a majority of Americans now fear. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is so compelled by the idea that he pitched U.S. President Joe Biden on the concept last week and is angling for Britain to house the new institution.

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