May 05, 2020

More women in government roles leads to greater national security

By Katie Galgano

The United States is facing an unprecedented economic and health crisis due to the coronavirus. Decisions made now will have repercussions that last for years. Recovery from this crisis will require sound policy focused on national security. Involving more women within the decision making process is key to achieving sound policy choices for the future.

When it comes to national security, women leaders drive better choices. They tend to assign resources to areas that affect stability at higher rates than men. So as the United States looks to recover from this pandemic, having more women, especially women of color, at the table will lead to improved outcomes both today and tomorrow. It is time to incorporate more diverse thinking in national security decision making now.

In response to the coronavirus, officials need to balance current interests with long term stability. As both party candidates prepare for the future of foreign policy, each must make assembling a diverse team a high priority. The pandemic gives the next president a grand opportunity to reimagine foreign policy and national security. In order to fire on all cylinders and to think past this crisis, both President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden should include women on their national security teams.

Read the full article in The Hill.

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