December 29, 2022

Most Popular CNAS Events from 2022

CNAS set a new record by producing 51 events and a three-day virtual conference in 2022 that brought together in-person audiences and tens of thousands more online for conversations with administration officials, lawmakers, military leaders, and experts from around the world.

Stay tuned for even more events in 2023 that will gather people together to discuss, debate, and go beyond the headlines of the most pressing issues.

2022 CNAS National Security Conference

Policymakers today confront a range of national security challenges, including Russian aggression in Europe, long-term competition with China, continuing reverberations from the global pandemic, and domestic divisions and vulnerabilities. To navigate them, America must draw on enduring strengths to sharpen its economic, military, and technological edges, advance its international relationships, and balance a national security portfolio across regions and issues. As CNAS celebrates its 15th anniversary, the 2022 CNAS National Security Conference convened leading experts to examine American power and purpose in our changing world.

A Conversation with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan

On October 12, 2022, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan discussed the newly released 2022 National Security Strategy, and was joined on stage by Meghan Sullivan for an interview. This special event was cohosted by CNAS and the Georgetown School of Foreign Service.

Special Event | War in Ukraine: What Next?

The swift and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia has been met with intense condemnations from global leaders. As Russian soldiers engage in a full air and land operation with an unprecedented amount of troops, how might their military campaign unfold? And what are the geopolitical implications for the surrounding countries and NATO allies? On Friday, February 25, CNAS hosted regional and defense experts who examined the unfolding crisis and the broader implications for European security.

Rapid Response | War in Ukraine: The World Weighs In

One week after Russia launched its invasion into Ukraine—an invasion that President Biden condemned as “premeditated and unprovoked” in his State of the Union address—Europe became engulfed in its biggest war in decades. While Russia has expanded its assault on several key Ukrainian cities, a firm resistance from Ukrainian forces and civilians continues and the list of countries vowing immediate military aid to Ukraine continues to grow. On Friday, March 4, CNAS hosted a virtual panel of regional and defense experts for the latest examination of the unfolding war.

Transatlantic Security

Special Event | War in Ukraine: What Next?

Feb 25, 2022

Transatlantic Security

Rapid Response | War in Ukraine The World Weighs In

Mar 4, 2022

Fireside Chat | General Thierry Burkhard, French Chief of Defence

On March 8, the Center for a New American Security hosted a virtual conversation with General Thierry Burkhard, French Chief of Defence, moderated by Dr. Stacie Pettyjohn, Senior Fellow and Director of the CNAS Defense Program. They discussed the current and future strategy of the French Armed Forces and the challenges of maintaining a global posture in a time of shifting geopolitics, particularly in regard to the war in Ukraine and counterterrorism operations in western Africa.

Special Event | A Conversation with Under Secretary of Commerce Alan F. Estevez

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security issued a rule that imposes significant new export controls designed to limit the development, purchase, production, and use of semiconductors, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and supercomputers in China. To discuss the rationale behind and the scope, scale, and implementation of these new controls, the Center for a New American Security hosted Alan F. Estevez, Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security, for a moderated discussion and a question and answer session with Martijn Rasser, Senior Fellow and Director of the Technology and National Security program at CNAS.

Virtual Event | Taiwan, Cross-Strait Relations, and an Evolving World

The Center for a New American Security cohosted a virtual event with The Prospect Foundation, “Taiwan, Cross-Strait Relations, and an Evolving World.” The event featured official and expert remarks by speakers from the United States and Taiwan. The first panel covered the 20th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its implications for relations with the United States and Taiwan. The second panel focused on assessing the post-pandemic political-economic order in the Indo-Pacific.

Virtual Fireside Chat | Honorable Christine Wormuth, Secretary of the Army

On Tuesday, February 8, CNAS hosted a virtual conversation between the Honorable Christine Wormuth, Secretary of the Army, and Dr. Stacie Pettyjohn, Senior Fellow and Director of the CNAS Defense Program, to discuss Army priorities for 2022 and beyond.

Cybersecurity Threats and Information Sharing with Anne Neuberger

Cybersecurity has become a national security priority. As cybersecurity threats increase in number and sophistication, attention has shifted to the private sector, which currently owns most of America’s critical infrastructure. High-profile breaches such as Colonial Pipeline and SolarWinds have elevated discussions about how to enhance collaboration across the public and private sectors. On Thursday, July 28, CNAS hosted a timely virtual discussion on cybersecurity threats and information sharing with Anne Neuberger, Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology at the National Security Council, moderated by Daniel Silverberg, Adjunct Senior Fellow at CNAS.

Virtual Event | Conversation with Michael Brown, Director of the Defense Innovation Unit

Critical and emerging technologies will define the way the United States conducts warfare in the 21st century. These technologies are critical to America’s ability to deter, deny, and defeat adversaries who are also seeking to cultivate these technologies for their own security and geopolitical objectives. To compete effectively, the United States should rethink how it acquires leading edge technologies from the commercial sector. The Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) is a leader in these efforts. On Wednesday, June 22, CNAS hosted a virtual event with DIU Director Michael Brown. Brown discussed the DIU’s recent accomplishments and provided his own insight into what the U.S. government should do to navigate the global technology competition moving forward.


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