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June 27, 2023

Quantum Computing is the Future — But We May Lose the Race if We Don’t Act Now

By Sam Howell

American leadership in quantum computing is a national and economic security imperative. Quantum computers promise to deliver lucrative breakthroughs in a range of industries, from automotive and defense to finance and pharmaceuticals. They also could equip users to crack legacy encryption methods, build unbreakable encrypted communications networks, and develop highly precise sensors.

Now is an ideal time to create policies that protect U.S. quantum advantages and promote quantum strengths.

The possible strategic advantages of quantum computing are significant, and the United States is locked in a high-stakes global competition to secure leadership in the field.

The first country to build, scale, and commercialize a quantum computer will gain a toolkit of capabilities that can overwhelm unprepared adversaries, as well as an upper hand in establishing market dominance and setting technology standards. Advancing U.S. competitiveness requires a firm technical understanding of quantum technology and the policy challenges it could generate.

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