November 22, 2023

The Pentagon’s New Opportunity to Boost Readiness among Female Troops

First lady Jill Biden on Nov. 13 announced the launch of the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research to highlight the goal of fundamentally changing the way women’s health is approached and funded.

The effort is designed to provide opportunities to improve health and performance outcomes for all women, including — perhaps most importantly — women in the military.

Now is the moment for the federal government to invest in optimizing women’s health and performance in the military.

The scarcity of research on women’s health is not a new problem. In medical and human performance research, women are frequently omitted from the data. When women are included, they are regularly treated as interchangeable with men. Yet women are not small men — they have different physiological and hormonal requirements yielding distinct nutritional, injury prevention, training and recovery needs.

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