December 14, 2023

The Quad’s Quantum Leap: How Quad Countries Can Boost Cooperation on Quantum Computing

The possible strategic advantages of quantum computing, a subfield of quantum information science that leverages quantum mechanics to solve complex problems at unprecedented speeds, are numerous and significant. Several technical bottlenecks still prevent quantum computers from delivering impactful real-world effects, but quantum technology is maturing rapidly, with implications for the Quad partners’ civilian and military sectors.

The Quad must maintain an edge across all leading modalities to ensure superiority in the one that ultimately produces the first scalable quantum computing system.

Quantum computers could optimise efficiency and catalyse new discoveries in industries such as drug design, fertiliser production, and supply chain management. They could also be used to model new battery and energy storage systems, expedite financial fraud detection, or simulate ANU National Security College 2 of 6 complex weather systems. Some estimates project that quantum computing will produce a global market value of US$1 trillion by 2035.

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