June 08, 2023

The State of U.S. Technology Talent: A Whole-of-Nation Approach to Bolstering the Tech Talent Pool

Technology leadership is a key driver of global power. While massive U.S. tech industry layoffs have dominated recent headlines, this spike in workforce cuts is more a feature of volatile market concerns than actual technical need. Looking beyond the current market cycle, the U.S. economy has a shortfall, rather than a surplus, of tech talent in the long term. To maximize its workforce for current and future technical needs, the United States must invest in a whole-of-nation approach to bolstering its critical and emerging tech talent pool.

Robust cooperation between tech talent stakeholders is important because America’s competitive edge will erode without adequate talent stores to drive sustained innovation forward.

The federal government is already mobilizing to increase U.S. domestic tech talent. Recent legislation such as the CHIPS and Science Act—aimed at reinvigorating U.S. semiconductor leadership by spurring research and development and incentivizing chip production—recognizes the importance of strengthening the domestic workforce to achieve national strategic goals. Among other measures, the CHIPS and Science Act established and appropriated funding for the National Science Foundation (NSF) CHIPS for America Workforce and Education Fund to help support the U.S. microelectronics workforce.

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