September 19, 2023

Why Aren’t the Presidential Candidates Debating China?

The 2024 presidential race is the first since America woke up to a double shock from China: Not only has Beijing spurned U.S. “engagement” and emerged as our top strategic rival, but America also faces the real risk of losing a war to China over Taiwan by 2027, if not sooner. Responding to these shocks is the primary national-security challenge facing the next commander in chief.

Underestimating the China risk is a longstanding American strategic error.

The candidates, however, are saying surprisingly little about the subject. The first Republican primary debate all but ignored it. There was only one question about China, which North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum answered. Discussion shifted to securing the southern border, with China mentioned later only in passing. Voters deserve a direct discussion of the Chinese military threat.

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