February 12, 2018

Hearing: U.S. Cyber Diplomacy in an Era of Growing Threats

By Michael Sulmeyer

Chairman Royce, Ranking Member Engel, and distinguished members of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, it is an honor to be with you today to discuss U.S. cyber diplomacy. I begin by noting my appreciation for the committee’s bipartisan approach to cybersecurity. I note the bipartisan support for the Ukraine Cybersecurity Cooperation Act of 2017 and the Cyber Diplomacy Act of 2017, among others. As cybersecurity has become an increasingly important aspect of U.S. foreign policy, bipartisan support for keeping our country safe and protecting America’s interests is essential.

I will keep my prepared remarks brief, focusing on three topics:
● The current international environment for cyber diplomacy,
● The challenges of deterring malicious cyber activity, and
● Cybersecurity and information operations in the context of our elections.

Read his full testimony here: 

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