November 16, 2023

How the West Can Court the Global South

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, many observers have focused on the consolidation of Western unity in responding to Moscow’s aggression. However, attitudes toward the war differ significantly in many places outside of the United States and Europe. The apparent split between the West and the so-called “Global South” has also attracted increasing attention as non-Western countries such as China, India, and Brazil have taken on a more influential role on the world stage. What explains these differing attitudes, and how can the United States and Europe engage the rest of the world productively on key global issues in the years to come? On this episode of Brussels Sprouts Nathalie Tocci and Timothy Garton Ash join Andrea Kendall- Taylor and Jim Townsend to help us make sense of all of this and more.

Nathalie Tocci is the director of the Italian Institute of International Affairs. In her formal role as Special Advisor to EU High Representatives Federica Mogherini and Josep Borrell, she wrote the European Global Strategy and worked on its implementation.

Timothy Garton Ash is a professor of European Studies at Oxford University. He is the author of eleven books that have charted the transformation of Europe over the last half century.

Nathalie Tocci The Guardian Op-Ed Mentioned in Podcast: Nathalie Tocci, “War in Ukraine is revealing a new global order – and the ‘power south’ is the winner,”

For more about the report on the Global South mentioned by Timothy Garton Ash in the podcast:Timothy Garton Ash, Ivan Krastev, and Mark Leonard, Living in an à la carte world: What European policymakers should learn from global public opinion (European Council on Foreign Relations, November 2023),

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