November 02, 2023

The State of European Aid to Ukraine with Justyna Gotkowska, Liana Fix, and Tara Varma

More than a year and a half after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, sustained Western support for Kyiv is as critical as ever. With the future trajectory of the war remaining highly uncertain, continued military aid from both the United States and Europe will be essential in enabling further Ukrainian successes on the battlefield. Yet commitment to such support is not guaranteed. In particular, recent global events have raised concerns about the degree to which European allies will continue to stand behind Kyiv. To discuss how we should be thinking about these various developments and their potential impact on the Russia-Ukraine war, Liana Fix, Tara Varma, and Justyna Gotkowska join Andrea Kendall-Taylor and Jim Townsend on this episode of Brussels Sprouts.

Liana Fix is a fellow for Europe at the Council on Foreign Relations. She is a historian and political scientist, with expertise in German and European foreign and security policy, European security, transatlantic relations, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

Tara Varma is a visiting fellow in the Center for the United States and Europe at the Brookings Institution. She focuses on current French defense and security proposals in the European framework, as well as ongoing efforts to materialize European sovereignty in health, economics, climate, energy, and more traditional security fields.

Justyna Gotkowska is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Eastern Studies based in Warsaw, Poland. Her work focuses on security and defense issues in Northern and Central Europe, including defense policies and armed forces’ developments in Germany as well as in the Nordic and Baltic states.

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