September 12, 2014

Going Anti-Access at Sea: How Japan Can Turn the Tables on China

By Toshi Yoshihara

The CNAS Asia-Pacific Security Program’s Maritime Strategy Series aims to explore various types and facets of strategies to deter, deny and impose costs on provocative behavior in maritime Asia, as part of an overall effort to preserve that region’s long-term peace and stability. In this second paper in the Maritime Strategy Series, Professor Toshi Yoshihara of the U.S. Naval War College examines how Tokyo can, in the context of a consistently defensive approach to security and a strong U.S.-Japan alliance, adopt asymmetric strategies to counter negative trends in relative maritime power between Japan and China. He concludes that Japan could leverage existing capabilities, human and physical capital to better deny war aims of potential aggressors, thus bolstering defense and deterrence, strengthening the alliance with Washington, and contributing to the overall peace of maritime East Asia.


  • Toshi Yoshihara

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