December 17, 2010

Securing South Korea: A Strategic Alliance for the 21st Century

Download the full report in Korean:
한국의 안보를 위한 21세기의 전략동맹.

Securing South Korea: A Strategic Alliance for the 21st Century, authored by Abraham Denmark and Zachary Hosford, provides policy recommendations for how the United States can enhance its alliance with South Korea. This includes how South Korea can create a more adaptive military force – including ground, air and naval forces – that would allow the country to meet the wide range of threats posed by its northern neighbor. Additionally, it would give them capacity to help manage regional issues such as China’s rise and access to the region’s numerous seaways.

“While South Korea can rely upon its American ally for its ultimate defense, challenges to America’s long-term capacity to project and sustain military power demand a greater role by the ROK,” write the authors. “South Korea’s military cannot afford to focus on a single scenario, however, given South Korea’s rapidly evolving strategic environment. The ROK military must be flexible and experienced enough to address a wide range of threats.”


  • Abraham M. Denmark

  • Zachary Hosford

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