December 13, 2011

'Angaetsok Election' Next Administration Korea Policy?

As former Massachusetts governor, a Democratic presidential candidate, former Governor of dyukakiseu ago in a recent interview with Channel A Republican presidential candidate who says what is still angaetsokyirago. "romniga what will be the Republican presidential hopefuls are still difficult to guarantee. It exists within the Republican Because a considerable antipathy. Gingrichi former chairman of our business, currently dominated by, well ... " now spearheaded by former House Speaker Newt gingrichi two times a variety of career and the scandal of divorce is a big stumbling block. he come after former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in the case of foundation support of the conservative Christian Republican voters is known to be considerable reluctance to buy: Romney, former governor because a devout Mormon. economic downturn weakened base of support as if the president's reelection is also opaque: "Obama's election largely on progressive forces which contributed more than they can not hang on to his reelection campaign. Which is crucial, too moderate voters skeptical of his ability to running the country " (gimjeongan reporter) Yes, As I said in this election that the world recession, "bad news", coupled with difficult re-election of President Barack Obama is shown that the analysis of : Peninsula continuity of policy I do not also bound to be of interest: the United States have a powerful influence on administration policy, the major sink taengkeujyo

Washington: New American Security Center, CNAS, Dr. Patrick Cronin, let's share with more stories. (News) Nice to meet you was. Thank you.(News) (if the Obama re-election fails and the) Republican Party next election victory in the new administration's North Korea policy, also there are changes that do you think?(Cronin, Ph.D.), president elect after the North as well as the world's leaders willing to negotiate with any country that also has balhinba. Republican in the next year moving to the White House is much tougher than that, if North Korea would spill out of the tone: a realistic goal, but the Republican presidential democratic parties are similar. Therefore, the United States policy toward North Korea largely unchanged'll not only next year, South Korea in the presidential election progressive regime entering, Korea's engagement policy toward North Korea, that is, the Sunshine Policy Keynote switch back to, if Seoul and Washington's North Korea policy keynote significant difference would seem : (reporter) being raised in recent jaegaeseol six-party talks early next year, and so do you do about the prospect? (Dr. Cronin) North Korea has a great gift for the countries concerned of six-party talks would be back on the table is saying: 'Good Gifts' Iran North Korea uranium enrichment facility (centrifuges) permit for the temple is likely to be around. A step-by-step progress in the denuclearization may be evaluated.And in return, North Korea's 2012 economic compensation powerful nation 'can be achieved according to celebrate the time There'll be disappointed of course, can not be ruled out that the situation likely to evolve. (reporter ) will be up here today. Thank you.(Dr. Cronin) Thank you.

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