June 06, 2023

Is an AI arms race underway?

The role of artificial intelligence has long been debated in military communities. But as recent leapfrog advancements in technology have garnered headlines about the effects on how we live, work and create, consideration of the role of AI in warfare has also gained urgency with some declaring this the era of the AI arms race.

From autonomous weapons and AI-driven strategic decision making to generative misinformation, experts warn that the advancements could completely transform how wars are fought. Russian President Vladimir Putin once declared that “whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.” As the technology continues to improve at a rapid pace, global leaders are beginning to push for consensus on what Responsible AI (RAI) means in the context of militaries.

CNAS Executive Vice President and Director of Studies Paul Scharre joins to discuss.

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  • Congressional Testimony
    • October 19, 2023
    Obstacles and Opportunities for Transformative Change


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  • Commentary
    • Foreign Policy
    • June 13, 2023
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