Supporting the Military Community

About this commentary series

As the environments in which the U.S. military operates increase in complexity, the need to attract and retain top talent becomes increasingly apparent - a significant challenge during a period of extraordinarily low unemployment. Over the first few months of 2019, the CNAS Military, Veterans and Society Program will be publishing a series of commentaries on how the Department of Defense and military services can better support members of the All-Volunteer Force and their families. A diverse group of guest contributors and CNAS experts will put forward thought-provoking ideas on an array of topics that affect servicemembers, their families, and transitioning personnel that we hope will spark frank discussions and ultimately lead to policy changes that enhance readiness and improve lives in military communities.

Commentaries in this series

Military, Veterans, & Society

To Retain Today’s Talent, the DoD Must Support Dual-Professional Couples

Talent management in the Department of Defense has received a great deal of critical attention over the last few years, but much of this thinking has centered on how the milit...

Military, Veterans, & Society

The Challenges of Military Child Public Education and Homeschooling

Access to quality education and persistent transition problems for military children are continuing sources of frustration for military families and affects retention across a...