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Transatlantic Forum on Russia

The Transatlantic Forum on Russia is a CNAS project that will convene working groups focused on a range of priority issue areas and generate ideas for how the U.S. and Europe can both confront and engage the Kremlin in key domains including arms control and strategic stability, sanctions, anti-corruption, Ukraine and the Eastern neighborhood, the Arctic, climate change, cyber and hybrid threats, and engaging young Russians and Russian civil society. The Forum is spearheaded by Transatlantic Security Program Director and Senior Fellow, Andrea Kendall-Taylor.

In the first 100 days of the new U.S. Administration, Russia has demonstrated that it will remain a persistent challenge. The Biden Administration has signaled that strengthening coordination with Europe is a crucial pillar of its efforts to address Russia. At the same time, deterioration in Russia-Europe relations—which accelerated in the wake of the Kremlin’s attacks on opposition leader Navalny and its military buildup in and around Ukraine— creates seemingly fertile ground for greater transatlantic cooperation on Russia. Yet beyond the positive rhetoric, there is no clear roadmap for how the United States and Europe can work together. The Forum’s goal is to facilitate transatlantic dialogue and ultimately to produce concrete recommendations for how the United States and Europe can work together to address the Russia challenge.

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Brussels Sprouts offers small bites on transatlantic security, NATO, the EU, Russia, and all things Europe. Hosted by Andrea Kendall-Taylor and Jim Townsend.

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