Developing a Transatlantic Technology Strategy

The CNAS Developing a Transatlantic Technology Strategy project will create a blueprint for a transatlantic technology strategy to ensure transatlantic technological leadership. To remain competitive against illiberal actors, the United States and Europe must harness the strengths of their alliance—one of their greatest competitive advantages—to foster technological innovation, spur inclusive economic growth, and advance liberal democratic norms and values.

The Transatlantic Technology Strategy project will pursue a three-part approach. First, the project will recommend ways to address persistent issues in technology policy between the United States and Europe, such as data privacy, antitrust, and regulatory divergence. Second, the project will advance an affirmative agenda and identify the technology areas where transatlantic cooperation is necessary to ensure continued global leadership. The project will identify opportunities for the transatlantic allies to jointly innovate and lead on key technologies and set the rules of the road for the future use of technologies. Third, the project will recommend defensive policy actions, focusing on investment screening and export controls, that can protect identified technologies of core economic and national security importance to both partners.

The Transatlantic Technology Strategy project, partially supported by the U.S. Air Force Office of Commercial and Economic Analysis (OCEA), aims to provide concrete, actionable policy recommendations to repair rifts in the transatlantic technology relationship, protect critical technologies, and preserve transatlantic technology leadership. Through a series of roundtable discussions, a report, and op-eds, this project will develop a comprehensive transatlantic technology strategy to reinvigorate transatlantic technological competitiveness and safeguard our national security, economic advantages, and ways of life.

This project involves the following research programs:

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