July 01, 2020

‘A failure of command’ — How one soldier’s sexual harassment case forced a reckoning among leaders in the Army Reserve

Source: Task and Purpose

Journalist: Haley Britzky

Military leaders have for many years made statements, held focus groups, organized fundraisers, and conducted surveys to get a better understanding of sexual assault and harassment within the ranks. They have deemed the problem unacceptable and vowed that it would be handled appropriately under their watch.

Yet a case unraveling within a two-star Army Reserve command in Illinois has put a spotlight on what many service members believe: What the military says it will do to help them when they report sexual assault or harassment, and what they actually experience, are two different stories.

Indeed, the 416th Theater Engineer Command, comprised of thousands of soldiers in 26 states, is currently under investigation by a top Army official over claims that leaders frequently mishandled sexual assault and harassment allegations. The investigation was first reported by the Associated Press.

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