July 11, 2020

Allies bite their tongues after Trump withdraws from WHO

Source: The Hill

Journalist: Laura Kelly

President Trump’s move to withdraw the U.S. from the World Health Organization (WHO) has received only muted criticism from allied nations as they look to preserve American cooperation amid the global challenges posed by COVID-19.

These allies are holding back despite widespread frustration with the president’s continued attack on global partnerships and the U.S. global actions on the pandemic, including imposing travel restrictions soon after its onset.

Yet allies are also mindful they need U.S. cooperation in combating COVID-19 in areas such as contributing to the medical research on the virus and are keen to preserve open channels of communication with Washington, D.C.

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  • Kristine Lee

    Former Associate Fellow

    Kristine Lee is a former Associate Fellow with the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), where she focuses on U.S. alliances and partnerships in the Indo-Pacific region, ...