June 24, 2020

China's Publicized WHO Fundraising Drive Falls Short of Hype

Source: Voice of America

Journalist: John Xie

A highly touted Chinese drive to raise funds for the World Health Organization, launched after President Donald Trump announced he was ending financial support for the WHO, has raised less than $10,000 in its first month, according to data posted on the fund's website.

The numbers reveal what critics say is a routine gap between Beijing's high-profile public statements of support for international institutions and its actual follow-through.

Beijing's announcement May 20 for the charity drive included international media coverage and an appearance via videoconference by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO's director-general, who thanked officials for the plan "to facilitate donations from people and companies across China to support these life-saving efforts."

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  • Kristine Lee

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