February 14, 2020

Huawei 5G tie-up will not disrupt intelligence-sharing, U.S. officials say

Source: The Washington Post

Journalists: Ellen Nakashima, Loveday Morris, Michael Birnbaum

Britain's decision to allow Huawei into its 5G network will not disrupt overall intelligence-sharing with the United States, U.S. officials said Friday, in comments that may allay European concerns over reprisals.

The United States has been lobbying European nations to exclude Huawei from helping to build their next generation of wireless networks, but it has faced an uphill battle, with the United Kingdom announcing last month that it will allow the company to play a role. Washington would still have to take a “hard look” at the impact, said Robert Blair, a senior adviser to President Trump, but the flow of intelligence would not be affected.

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