April 01, 2020

Iran, Venezuela and other U.S. foes fight coronavirus amid American sanctions

Source: The Los Angeles Times

Journalists: Tracy Wilkinson, Nabih Bulos

Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Islamic faction in Lebanon deemed a terrorist group by the U.S., has decades of experience fighting wars. But not the kind it launched this week.

Armed with red, yellow and green Hezbollah flags and face masks decorated with the same colors, thousands of doctors, nurses and medical technicians began mobilizing to battle a new adversary: the coronavirus.

But Hezbollah, along with the governments of Iran, Venezuela and others, is facing the pandemic at the same time it lurches under the weight of harsh U.S. economic sanctions that have blocked its access to money, imports and international alliances. Now as virtually every country in the world grapples with the health crisis, the American pressure campaign against its foes is drawing attention.

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  • Peter Harrell

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