June 12, 2020

North Korea Promises to Advance Nuclear Weapons as It Turns Back to Foreign Affairs

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Journalists: Andrew Jeong, Timothy W. Martin

North Korea, on the second anniversary of the historic Singapore summit between Kim Jong Un and President Trump, said relations with the U.S. had “shifted into despair” and promised the regime would advance its nuclear-weapons program.

In a state-media report on Friday, Ri Son Gwon, North Korea’s foreign minister, questioned whether relying on the close bond between Messrs. Kim and Trump could ever improve ties between the two countries. Mr. Ri added that Pyongyang would build a “more reliable force” to withstand the long-term military threat posed by the U.S.

“The question is whether there will be a need to keep holding hands shaken in Singapore,” he said, referring to the first meeting between the two leaders.

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  • Kristine Lee

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