November 15, 2015

Paris Tragedy Could Shake Up 2016 Race

Source: The Wall Street Journal

The terrorist attacks in Paris could shake up the 2016 presidential race, reminding voters of the high stakes and potentially boosting candidates who put their governing experience front and center.

During much of the campaign, voters have swooned over candidates who trumpet their nonpolitical résumés. Celebrity businessman Donald Trump and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson have led the Republican field, running far ahead of politicians who served in statehouses and Congress.

On the Democratic side, self-described socialist Bernie Sanders has been drawing the largest and most enthusiastic crowds, putting a scare into the establishment candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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  • Julianne Smith

    Former Adjunct Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Security Program

    Julianne (“Julie”) Smith is a contributing editor to Foreign Policy, where she coedits “Shadow Government.” She is also a senior advisor at WestExec Advisors, an adjunct senio...