March 11, 2022

Pentagon says some Russian jets are avoiding Ukraine's airspace during sorties to avoid being shot down

Featuring Jeffrey Edmonds

Source: Business Insider

Journalist Abbie Shull

The skirting of Ukrainian air space suggests Russia warplanes are aware of these still considerable dangers.

In an interview on Wednesday, an expert on the Russian military said he’s seeing signs that its air force is “risk averse” and said there’s still debate as to why.

“Maybe they’re saving their aircraft in case this conflict goes wider,” said Jeffrey Edmonds, an expert on the Russian military with the Arlington, Va.-based research organization CNA.

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  • Jeffrey Edmonds

    Adjunct Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Security Program

    Jeffrey Edmonds is an expert on US national security, especially as it relates to Russia. He works full time for CNA's Russia Studies Program. His research focuses on the Russ...