March 03, 2014

Russian action raises questions for NATO

Featuring Julianne Smith

Source: The Hill

Journalist Jeremy Herb

Poland on Monday asked for an emergency NATO meeting to discuss Russia’s apparent takeover of the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine.

The meeting was requested under a rule that allows any NATO member to request consultations if it feels its security is threatened, and comes as congressional Republicans, prompted by Russia’s actions, are calling on President Obama to reconsider his military strategy for Europe.

They want Obama to resurrect U.S. plans for new missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic, and to admit Georgia — which Russia invaded in 2008 — as a new NATO member.

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  • Julianne Smith

    Former Adjunct Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Security Program

    Julianne (“Julie”) Smith is a contributing editor to Foreign Policy, where she coedits “Shadow Government.” She is also a senior advisor at WestExec Advisors, an adjunct senio...