June 03, 2022

Russia’s War on Ukraine at 100 Days Has No End in Sight, Threatening Global Costs

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Journalists: Michael R. Gordon, Daniel Michaels, Marcus Walker

After 100 days, Russia’s war on Ukraine is turning into a bloody slog with no end in sight, causing mounting devastation in Ukraine and prolonged costs world-wide.

The biggest conflict between European states since World War II has undergone swings of fortune that offer a reminder of war’s unpredictability. The failure of Russia’s early blitzkrieg fueled Ukrainian confidence that is ebbing as Russia concentrates its firepower on a narrower, grinding advance.


If neither side gains an advantage, “they are just going to keep going at it like dueling meat grinders,” said Chris Dougherty, a former U.S. Defense Department strategist now at the Center for a New American Security. As a precedent, he cited the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s, “which settled into eight years of smashing each other in the face.”

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  • Chris Dougherty

    Former Senior Fellow, Defense Program

    Chris Dougherty is a former Senior Fellow for the Defense Program at CNAS. His primary areas of research included defense strategy, operational concepts, and force planning. H...