April 11, 2022

The Army’s transformation begins with these new units

Source: The Army Times

Journalist: Todd South

Major changes to the Army’s doctrine, equipment and operations have arrived in upgraded gear, future-focused technology and new ways to do battle.

But where these elements converge is in units filled with soldiers. And the Army isn’t letting its soldiers sit around and wait for new gear before figuring out how to fight a peer threat in large scale combat. They’re making major shifts in how big formations contribute while also tinkering with the look, function and capabilities of smaller, subordinate units.

Experts who spoke with Army Times looked at the formations to put the Army’s work into context. They agreed that the Army’s making many decisions that are warranted, some that are overdue and some that are still up for debate.

“The Army’s this huge organization that does a lot of things all at once. It’s a jack of all trades,” said Chris Dougherty, senior fellow with the Center for a New American Security.

Sometimes it’s difficult to discern coherence in these moves, Dougherty said. But even with the range of missions, from Europe-centered land warfare, to maritime-focused fires and logistics in the Pacific, as well as quick-reaction duties across the globe, the Army has one primary mission.

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  • Chris Dougherty

    Former Senior Fellow, Defense Program

    Chris Dougherty is a former Senior Fellow for the Defense Program at CNAS. His primary areas of research included defense strategy, operational concepts, and force planning. H...