March 21, 2018

The Cities at Risk of Climate-Driven Conflict

Source: City Lab

Journalist: Thor Benson

We know that climate change imperils coastal communities around the world and endangers food and water sources, and that political and religious extremism feed off instability and cause bloodshed. But because each contributes to the other, the future of millions may be at risk.

A 2013 University of California, Berkeley study analyzed 60 previous studies and concluded that the connection between climate change and human conflict is strong. Droughts and famines, floods, wildfires, and other events caused at least in part by climate change lead to instability that extremist groups can take advantage of to create conflict.

more recent report by CNA, a research nonprofit with national-security expertise, focuses on the connection between water stress and conflict. “Water stress can empower violent extremist organizations and place stable governments at risk,” the authors write. Some experts believe we are heading towards a point where water will be more difficult to come by and brutal wars will be foughtover control of fresh-water resources.

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  • ​Neil Bhatiya

    Former Adjunct Fellow, Energy, Economics, and Security Program

    Neil Bhatiya is a former Adjunct Fellow with the Energy, Economics, and Security Program at the Center for a New American Security....