September 21, 2014

US Pivot to Asia Demands Delicate Balancing Act

Source: Voice of America

Journalist: Catherine Maddux

When President Barack Obama travels to Beijing to attend the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit this fall, members will be looking for signs that the president is still committed to implementing his so-called “Asia pivot” policy. 
The initiative, unveiled in a column written by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is driven by the administration’s belief that the East Asia Pacific region is moving rapidly towards a dominant spot on the world stage — and the United States needs to be there.  

As Clinton wrote in Foreign Policy magazine in late 2011, much of this century’s history will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq.

“The Asia-Pacific has become a key driver of global politics,” she wrote. “Stretching from the Indian subcontinent to the western shores of the Americas, the region spans two oceans -- the Pacific and the Indian -- that are increasingly linked by shipping and strategy...It is home to several of our key allies and important emerging powers like China, India and Indonesia.”

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