February 27, 2017

We really could have a sane foreign policy if we wanted to. Here’s how.

Featuring Julianne Smith

Source: The Washington Post

Journalist Jennifer Rubin

President Trump repeated his “American First” slogan at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday and knocked down row after row of straw men. He declared, “Global cooperation, dealing with other countries, getting along with other countries is good, it’s very important. But there is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global flag. This is the United States of America. . . . I’m not representing the globe, I’m representing your country.” The issue is not whether we have world government but how the United States goes about defending our fundamental interests. His insinuations that those who do not back his nationalist, protectionist, amoral policies are traitors reflect his anti-democratic instincts. (“There’s one allegiance that unites us all, and that is to America. America, it’s the allegiance to America.”) Again, the question is not loyalty to America but how one protects our values, prosperity and security. He’s become a self-parody as he repeats simplistic bumper-sticker phrases devoid of meaning. (“We don’t win anymore. When was the last time we won? Did we win a war? Did we win anything? Do we win anything? We’re going to win. We’re going on win big, folks. We’re going to start winning again, believe me. We’re gonna win.”)

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  • Julianne Smith

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