June 27, 2019

Xi Jinping wants Trump to lift ban on Huawei before making a trade deal

Source: Vox

Journalist: Alex Ward

Chinese President Xi Jinping is about to make a risky gamble to try to end the years-long trade spat between his country and the United States: asking President Donald Trump to end US pressure on Chinese communications giant Huawei in return for Beijing finally agreeing to a trade deal (maybe).

In 2018, Trump initiated an all-out trade war on China to compel the country to play by fair trading rules. He’s placed tariffs on billions of dollars in Chinese goods, to which Beijing has responded in kind each time. Both countries have engaged in trade talks for months to end the squabble, but they stalled in May after Trump said China "broke" a deal they’d agreed to with the US.

Concurrently, the US has led a global effort to stop allied nations from using technologies made by Huawei, arguing that the Chinese government — which exerts significant control over domestic companies — could use those technologies to spy on citizens of other countries. The US has already banned Huawei from doing any work with the federal government, a major move meant as an example for other countries to follow.

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  • Eric Sayers

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